Asbestos Removal

We have vast experience of removing all varieties of asbestos materials from a spectrum of community, industrial and domestic buildings, including: offices, hospitals, schools, religious centres and factories (see examples of our previous projects).


Our continued expansion enables us to offer a nationwide service providing safe & efficient asbestos removal for all projects, from domestic small works up to large ongoing commercial projects. 

We are aware that asbestos removal is often part of a larger plan with any delays affecting the timescales of the whole project; as such we are experienced in planning projects to fit with your timeframes.

We are equipped to deal with all your asbestos removal needs, from the preliminary site visit to the concluding 'all clear' air test and re-occupation certificate.

Asbestos Protection

In some cases it is the accepted practise that if the identified asbestos containing material (ACM) is in good condition and no further damage could be caused to it, to leave it in place.


Depending on the position of the ACM a solid barrier can be used to enclose it, therefore preventing any damage to the ACM thus eliminating the possible release of harmful fibres into the environment. Another method to prevent the future release of harmful fibres to the environment from an exposed ACM is encapsulation.


This is an application of a specialised coating directly to the ACM. Working with our clients and their consultants we can provide the appropriate technique to protect the ACM. Using our extensive knowledge we can provide the correct solution to your asbestos requirement.

Soft Strip Demolition and Refurbishment

When a building is to be refurbished it is important to consider any hazards that might be concealed within the fabric of the building. At ASTOMS LTD our professional contracts team can provide the knowledge required for soft stripping to the client.


We will work to your specification alongside your project managers and consultants providing you with a solution to removing all services, fabrics, fixtures, fittings and floorings allowing the return of the building to its original shell.


We are able to offer this soft strip service quickly, efficiently and safely.  Once a hazard as been identified and successfully removed it is important to have it replaced.


At Astoms Ltd our experienced contracts team can assist in this process by offering a full refurbishment service, whether it is for the replacement of new fixed/suspended ceilings, walls and floor coverings or gaskets and thermal insulation to pipe work and vessels in plant rooms.